How Do You Choose Boxing Gloves?

If you work out at boxing gym, be sure you know how to buy equipment you will need to protect your self and others.

Having the wrong type of boxing gloves could hurt you and the opponent you are sparring with, for instance, sparring work generally needs 16oz boxing gloves or larger. Boxing Products Supplier makes much different type of gloves. Your size and weight class will ascertain the size of gloves you will need. The age groups five years through to eight year groups will need the six ounce gloves, Eight years through twelve yrs age groups will need eight ounce gloves. You can ask a Representative at the local sporting goods store for help in determining the boxing regulation sizes for their age groups. Their are many types of boxing gloves , you have quick bag , body punching bag , calisthenics gloves for jump roping and medicine ball handling . They also use these work out gloves for doing push ups, chin ups, dips and weight lifting. Boxing can be an expensive sport, finding the right gloves is most important when buying for your little amateur boxer. Make sure the gloves are big enough to fit over the hands, with their hands being taped. It is always important for any age, to tape their hands; it protects them from injury. Boxing can be a beneficial sport, if taught well about the uses of the proper equipment. Being responsible for your self and others, that you buy equipment for, will ensure a good safe work out in the ring. Make sure you do not purchase a glove is which either too large for your hand, or too small. A good way to find this out is by holding something in your hand such as a cigarette lighter and then putting the glove on. If a glove is too tight then it could cause injury to your fingers as you will not be able to fully close the hand, if the glove is too large then it can also cause injury as it will not provide adequate support to your hand or your wrist.

Also, you want to make sure the gloves are a good fit because when you have been boxing or sparring for a good few rounds, tiredness sets in and your guard will begin to drop, you don’t want to be using a larger than necessary glove because then you will find your hands dropping even quicker. When you are tired in ring, even a smaller glove can feel even heavier.

There are some great brands out there which provide some excellent gloves, so with this advice, you should be better prepared to choose the right sized boxing glove for you. Whatever your level from Boxing for fun to amateur to professional, you can find the perfect glove for you at Fitness Gloves.

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